Hi there! I’m Kirsty

Whenever I travel or meet people at home I always hear the words “too busy / too tired / too old / too many bills” when talking about where they wanted to go in the world, or what they wanted to do with their life. Or another popular one seems to be “I met Mr./Mrs. Right 20 years ago and that was the end of my dreams.” Mmm, I say to the bin with that.

I named my blog The Travel Bugger because I want people to be almost “bugged” into getting up, saving up and booking that ticket to the ultimate dream destination you’ve always wanted to discover. Plus it’s a play on the phrase “travel bug”. See what I did there?

I am…

  • South African, born and bred in beautiful Cape Town
  • a freelancing photographer by profession
  • a former photographer for 4 years on a cruise liner
  • crazy about travelling, but I guess you figured that out already!
  • a collector of pens and pencils from all over the world (don’t judge)
  • currently in the process of moving to China and teaching English as a foreign language
  • very friendly, a big fan of Steven King and I’m a little sister.
My sister, myself and my mom

Why did I start this blog?

I was always interested in the writing industry from a young age. I love reading and being able to transport myself far away from the harsh realities of life in Africa; hence this is why I want to give back and show people they should stop saying “too much/old/poor” and start saying “what the heck!” instead.

I have travelled to many different places and witnessed life as it is outside my backyard, and one thing I’ve realized is how easy it can be to achieve your dreams. Provided you are willing to sacrifice certain things and to change your outlook to more positive thinking. I know it sounds easier said than done but trust me, it can be done with some determination and anĀ out-of-the-box approach.

Where have I been in the world?

So far I have travelled to the USA, Mexico, 12 Caribbean islands and countries, Bermuda, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Monaco, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary, Namibia and South Korea.

I am truly blessed to have travelled to so many places and people often comment on how lucky I’ve been, but there’s still a whole lot more I want to see!

Why am I here?

I hope I can inspire others to travel and to never make up excuses why you can’t – if you want to connect with me and garner some advice and tips for your next adventure, drop me a message at kirstyhuth@gmail.com or at www.facebook.com/kirstyhuthphotography. There’s never a silly question in my books.

Thanks for popping by and I hope you learn something from my travel blog. Happy surfing!

Looking down on Dubrovnik





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